We bring data from the physical world into the business systems that create value for our customers.

Lara IoT

LARA IoT is the core engine of our IoT vertical applications. It can manage and automate all connections between things, data and people.

Open solutions

Lara vertical solutions are designed to be complete IoT toolkits compatible with just about any combination of hardware, in-house systems and cloud services.

Machine learning

Machine learning is integrated into Lara as method of data analysis that automates analytical model building through working experience of your machines.

First class gateway

The gateway that we develop and provide is a key element of bringing legacy and devices to the Internet of Things. It integrates protocols for networking and facilitates secure data flow.

Lara IoT platform
the bridge to

Lara IoT,completely engineered and developed in Italy, allows tracking presence and status of any smart device in physical places, performing any kind of actions when needed. It can create workflows for managing specific automations that require interactions among components.

Reduce your total IoT cost of operations and work better. Our easy to deploy, low cost technology is scalable, secure and supported by guaranteed tools so that you always have the control.

The software platform is customizable to many different needs and integrates data mining and BI modules for saving thousands of data coming from machines, analyzing data with an integrated dashboard and exporting data in desired format for third party analytics

Securely from the edge to any IT system

A good product is close to its features. When a lot of different products start to communicate together a solution is created that gives customers new emotions, new satisfaction. Every product becomes a milestone in a new mesh.

The difference lies in management. Each device (fire alarm, sensors, server, nurse call, software system) speaks in a technologically different manner.

Lara IoT speaks and answers using different languages and methods to make the environment communicate.

Any solutions offer communication protocols, but the environment in which these applications move must be configured, third-party drivers have to be checked to see whether they are compatible (if 32bit and/or 64bit, with TAPI telephony, etc.). Lara IoT supports existing protocols in a native manner, without having to load drivers and/or client side or server side.

When messages are united by protocols, your environment begins taking shape in a new and unique manner. Each connected device and/or system can be seen as an information generator and/or an information performer. Bidirectional communication between different systems has now become possible.

Lara IoT enables management and communication efficiency increase.while traceability reaches a level of professionalism and detail that until today has never been explored.