One of the main aspects of patient care is communication. When an event occurs it is important to answer the emergency immediately: LARA Healthcare recovers your investments and makes them more worthwhile, because communication becomes interactive.

When doctors are waiting for urgent results, they expect to receive information in mobility.
Operators must be able to reach staff and/or patient's family quickly and on first try.
Thanks to integration with our Safety module, other useful functions can be added and personal alarms, aggression, panic, man down and/or requests for help can be managed.


LARA Industry works grat with minimizing downtime and creating better efficiency in the industrial and production environments.

Lara Industry is designed to send messages, notify events in real time to relative staff and/or emergency teams.
Each device (GSM, WIFI, DECT) connected to LARA Industry becomes a safety instrument for protecting precious human resources.
Our solution, designed for the modern industry, allows all events and messages to be coordinated quickly in order to allow the correct person to act in the shortest time possible.


Enabling on-line shopping and standard mobile services is not enough anymore. Today consumers expect brands to engage them with relevant and personalized content.

LARA Retail can shed light on your customers’ behavior and compare stores performance.
Use the right message, at the right place, in the right time to capture the attention of your target customers.
Allow analog and digital to collide with LARA Retail. Unlock the power of a precision targetint to take your customer's experience to the next level.


LARA Agriculture allows you to exploit Internet of Things applications in agriculture including farm vehicle tracking, livestock monitoring, storage monitoring, and much more.

It enables you to collect data on weather, soil, air quality, and crop maturity for taking smarter decisions.
Use sensor data and analytics to improve the way you monitor products and manage irrigation.
LARA Agriculture is a scalable solution that not only makes farming more efficient, but democratizes the process, turning even a small amount of extra space into a low-maintenance garden capable of growing fresh food.


A deeper level of interoperability, connectivity, and automation through Lara Energy enables utilities and energy companies to be more agile, more flexible and efficient.

Get data, analysis and insights to take more informed decisions.
Identify areas of wasteful energy use and help the business cut costs.
LARA Energy allows you to connect assets, people, products and services to capture detailed usage information that can enable real-time decisions by both your business and the consumers.


LARA Safety helps organisations to protect workers who are alone and/or at risk avoiding problems with staff, plants, operators and/or the surrounding environment.

Combine wearable technology with LARA Safety to generate real-time data points.
Improve worker health and safety without significantly increasing costs.
LARA IoT can warn you and take action about everything from rising flood levels, to nearby poisonous gases, to whether a child has been left strapped inside a hot car.


With LARA Custom Fit almost anything can be smartly connected and generate data.

We have experience with over 200 customized IoT solutions.
Embrace innovation in your own market with a company-wide IoT strategy.
Building a custom IoT implementation isn’t as difficult as it seems if you get the right partners. Never forget that the real magic in IoT is not in just collecting the data but understanding what you do with them.