We bring machines to new life

We believe that new technology based on the Internet of Things should be available and affordable for everyone, not just for majors and a very few players on market.

Our strength is based on our special know how: we can accelerate your growth by turning your equipment into an ecosystem of IoT-enabled machines and devices.





Lara IoT

LARA IoT platform is the core engine of our IoT vertical products and applications. It can manage and automate all connections between things, data and people.

Lara vertical products are designed to be complete IoT toolkits compatible with just about any combination of hardware, in-house systems and cloud services.

Machine learning is integrated into Lara IoT as method of data analysis that automates analytical model building through working experience of your machines.

The gateway we developed is a key element of bringing legacy and devices to the Internet of Things. It integrates protocols for networking and facilitates secure data flow.

Staying human,
staying relevant.

Making devices able to sense and be connected is simply not enough to realize the great promise of the Internet of Things.

IoT will only be successful if it follows a human-centric approach, by solving real-life everyday challenges, making life simpler and enhancing ease of use.